About Us

The Roanoke Valley Firefighters Foundation is a non‐profit, tax-exempt, section 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides support to the families of fallen Fire‐EMS workers who have died in the Line of Duty.

The mission of the Foundation is to help families rebuild their lives after a loved one’s passing.

The Roanoke Valley Firefighters Foundation provides assistance to any full‐Time, part‐time, and volunteer fire‐EMS provider who serves a public governmental agency in the Cities of Roanoke and Salem, Virginia and the Counties of Roanoke, Bedford, Botetourt, and Franklin, Virginia, and all towns located within their boundaries.

The Roanoke Valley Firefighters Foundation Board consists of active and retired Fire‐EMS providers from across the Roanoke Valley. The Board serves in a non‐compensated and voluntary capacity to carry out the mission of the Foundation.

The Foundation can offer the following assistance to our families:

Higher Education Scholarship Grants
The surviving spouse, life partner, children/step‐children (ages 17‐24) may apply for Scholarship Grants to provide financial assistance to any fully accredited university, college, technical, or trade school for a maximum of 8 semesters.

Emergency Financial Assistance
The surviving spouse, life partner, or named beneficiary may receive emergency financial assistance if a line of duty death falls under the Federal Public Safety Officers Benefit program and/or the Virginia Line of Duty Act guidelines.

Survivor and Memorial Conferences
The Foundation can provide financial assistance for the surviving spouse, life partner, children/step‐children, or immediate family member to attend any Virginia Local, State, or National Memorial or Survivors Conference in which their loved one is being honored if not covered by the sponsoring agency.

Spouse to Spouse Network

The Foundation provides a “Spouse to Spouse” network to assist the surviving spouse and other family members who have just experienced a loss of a loved one in the Line of Duty. Someone to listen and lean on during this most difficult time, by another fire service spouse who has also experienced the loss of a loved one.

Fire Service Clergy

The Foundation can provide Clergy services to any family who may be in need. This Clergy has a fire service background and belongs to the Federation of Fire Chaplains (FFC). They understand the unique bonds among fire service families and their loved ones.

Firefighter Occupational Injury/Illness Assistance Fund

This fund assists firefighters undergoing treatment for firefighter cancer. Firefighters are diagnosed with cancer at a higher rate than the general population. Workers compensation only covers certain cancers, while this fund helps fill the gaps for those undergoing treatments.

Phillips Family Firefighter Training Scholarship

This fund provides training scholarships for firefighters to attend international training conferences to learn and bring back current firefighting techniques and practices.